Our Aims

Organizing a new community,who care and help the helpless people. Read More

Our Community

Those have social mind are always welcome.To make a balanced life to all. Read More

Our People

All are our people, there is noone left from us.Since unity and integrity are our taughts. Read More



  • 1.   To promote peace in the country.

    2.   Tolerance of religions.

    3.   " MercyHomes " for homeless people.

    4.   The network for revolutionary youths to create awareness among them.

    5.   To adopt city / state to modernise it.

    6.   Educational institutions have become business centres. Students community can come forward to change this trend.

    7.   This network is formed by us to achieve our higher goals.It is made for us.

    8.   Rich become richer, poor become poorer- We must join hands to change this.

    9.   Social status and political influence are domineering factors in present situation.We have to gain it and strive hard for the noble cause of the society.

    10.   the country is polluted. We must keep our environment clean.If you take your responsibities properly,you will be rewarded highly.

    11.   Many have tried to teach good values through movies.Still, many are trying--- So, it is not " one man's show ".Folks like me can join with us to achieve our goal.

    12.   i am determined to work for this until i reach my destination.

    13.   My wish is to get pals who have dreams and desires like me.I hope that we work together, we can succeed in our noble venture.